International cooperation


Norm Company cooperates with companies and organizations that have high international reputation in the cement and concrete manufacturing fields. Close cooperation of the company, that has recently launched the cement production, with international organizations demonstrates a clear focus and paramount importance the company attaches to the quality and reliability of products. Norm LLC management firmly believes that this approach will result in great benefits and stimulate the company’s rapid growth and development.


It should be noted that various equipment from the world-renowned companies of Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and etc. was installed at the Norm Sement plant’s production line. Giving priority to application of new technologies and innovations in production enables exploitation efficiency and compliance with the most stringent European environmental standards. After all close technological and scientific-technical cooperation of Norm LLC with European companies guarantees provision of Azerbaijan’s construction industry with the highest quality cement.

The European Cement Research Academy (ECRA) is one of the prestigious organizations in the world. The Academy, founded in 2003, is an influential research body with a high level of competence in the field of sustainable cement and concrete technologies. The ECRA was founded as a platform on which the European cement industry supports, organizes and undertakes research activities within the context of the production of cement and its application in concrete. ECRA’s aim is to facilitate and accelerate innovation to guide the cement industry. By becoming a member of the Academy the Norm LLC strives to bring latest international achievements to local cement industry and represent Azerbaijan in esteemed and reputable European institutions.


Another international organization that Norm LLC cooperates with is the VDZ - German Research Institute. It was founded in 1877 and plays an important role in the development of global cement industry, carrying out the scientific researches in cement production and its application fields. According to the agreement reached between the VDZ and Norm, VDZ’s high qualified specialists visit Norm Cement plant and carry out technical audit of the manufacturing process.

As a result, VDZ granted KLASS A (CEM II/A-L 32,5R), KLASS B (CEM II/B-L 32,5R) and KLASS C500 (CEM II/A-P 42,5 R ), KLASS S (CEM II/A-P 42.5 N, Sulfate Resistant Portland Cement with Mineral Additives), KLASS 1 (CEM I 52,5 N ) and KLASS L500 (CEM II/A-L 42.5 R) cement products with certificates in accordance with the DIN EN 197-1:2011 standards. In the meantime, wide and varied training courses for the technical staff of Norm Cement plant are conducted.


DNV GL Group, one of the leading certification authorities of the world acts in the different fields of economy in more than 100 countries. Thus, investigations and inspections were held in the Norm Company by this organization within the last six months and as a result of the assessment the Company has been awarded with ISO certification.

Norm Sement was awarded with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications for quality control, environmental protection and labor safety. These standards are indicators for efficiency of quality management system, reliability of a company, sustainable development and social responsibility. These standards approve international management of quality, serious attention to the labor and environmental protection and reliability of the Company. 


International Conference titled "Modern Concrete Technologies and Construction Directions in Azerbaijan" was held at Four Seasons Hotel on June 20, jointly organized by Norm Cement, International CPI Worldwide Journal and ICCX (International Concrete Conference and Exhibition) Academy.

The event consisted of simultaneous official part and an exhibition featuring foreign guests' stands. In the official part, representatives from German companies Progress Group, Rekers, Kraft Curing Systems, Polish Arcen, UAE’s Ha-Be Betonchemie, Danish Hawkeye Pedershaab and Spanish fib made speeches on the topics of advanced technologies in concrete production, modern solution methods, stimulating the construction of modern panel houses and contemporary construction trends.

Participants of the event got the latest innovations in modern concrete and construction trends, as well as one-year subscription to the CPI Journal, International Concrete Producers Trade Journal.



As a result of the cooperation of Norm OJSC with Beumer, the world-renowned company, the technological equipment was operated at the plant online, from Europe.

The packaging systems at the Norm Cement plant are produced by Beumer, one of the most influential companies in Europe. Thanks to digitalization and professionalism of the plant’s technical staff the new packaging line was commissioned from the distance of 4000 km. This method was applied at the Norm Cement plant for the first time in the history of Beumer.

Using Smart Glasses for remote control, Norm's employees on site and the Beumer team, thousands of kilometers away, could see the same image and determine the action to be taken during the commissioning. Therefore, thanks to the latest technologies and the joint work of highly qualified teams, the packaging line was commissioned in full.

Norm has become the first company in the South Caucasus region by receiving API (American Petroleum Institute) certification and launched production of the oil-well cement in line with API requirements.

API certification is a license containing regular cement production and testing processes in compliance with API standards. An enterprise with this license needs to have a quality management system that meets API Q1 conditions, and the product must meet API Spec 10A requirements.

API certification is particularly designed to comply with the quality requirements of the oil and gas industry. By getting certified with both Q1 and 10A certificates for its CLASS G (G Class, API 10A) product by American Petroleum Institute, Norm Cement has become the first manufacturer in the South Caucasus to produce oil-well cement.







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