Norm employee`s scientific article was published in the international media

Norm Cement`s professional team works hard to represent the Company at a high level in the international arena. Speeches made at the conferences abroad, as well as the publication of scientific and research articles of Norm employees in the international media outlets play a major role in recognition and international prestige of the Company.

One of the most important presentations for the Company was made by Fuad Mammadov, Technical Sales Team Leader, who represented our company at the International Concrete Conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia on December 03-06, 2019. He made a speech on “The Market of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks in Azerbaijan and the quality of cement used in production”.

In April of this year, our employee`s article of the same name has been published in the prestigious European magazine “AAC Worldwide”. It is noted that Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) was introduced to construction sector of Azerbaijan since 2011 and during a short time period, it has been widely used with economic and technical advantages in construction market. As well known, the cement and its technical properties are very important factors to be considered in the production of AAC. In this paper, the possible usage of Portland-pozzolanic cement with low C3A content and its certain advantages will be pointed in the production of AAC. Apart from this, the initial compressive strength, fineness (residue over 40 μm and Blaine) and several chemical parameters of Portland-pozzolanic cement were also considered as positive advantages. Consequently, the final product meets both technical and economical requirements of the producing company.

 The data used in this research was taken from industrial test performed in AAC plant situated in Azerbaijan.  For more details on the article published in the magazine (pages 24-28), please visit the link:

"AAC Worldwide" magazine