Cement and Concrete Laboratories

Cement and concrete laboratories meeting the highest standards have been built and equipped with modern facilities at Norm Cement plant

Cement laboratory

Verification analyzers (On-line Analyzer) produced by the Thermo Scientific company of the USA and having automatically analyzing capacity of conveyors in preparation of the relevant mix of raw materials to produce clinker, the main component of cement, are used in our laboratory. Maintenance of the stability of product is provided by closely observing the manufacturing process within 24 hours and by interfering in time through this equipment.

In addition, the chemical composition of nearly 100 samples of raw materials and finished products are analyzed in a day through X-Ray Fluorescence produced by Panalytical Company of Holland. Along with the chemical composition of produced clinker, its mineralogical composition is also checked. A polarization microscope produced by the MEIJI company of Japan is used on this purpose.

 At some stages of manufacturing process, automatic sampling system produced by the company ITECA SOCADEI (France) is applied. Application of such automatic systems ensures the samples entirely covering the manufacturing process to be taken and automatically delivered to the laboratory along with prevention of man-related failures.  

Many of the physical and mechanical tests of cement are carried out within 24 hours with the instruments produced by prominent companies of Europe (such as PANalytical (Holland), SIEBTECHNIK (Germany), Mettler Toledo (Switzerland), Toni Technik (Germany), RatioTEC (Germany), Memmert (Germany), Retsch (Germany)) and America (Micromeritics), at the laboratory for Preparation of Samples and Analysis of Cement Grout.

The accuracy of the tests conducted at cement laboratory is estimated by the programs being organized of several entities (such as Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association and BE-CERT (Belgium)) in which we participate every year, and as a result, we are selected by them as precisely-working laboratories.

Our products are also provided with relevant conformity certificates (CE Certificate) by VDZ Scientific-Research Institution of Germany.

Concrete laboratory

Tests for concrete fillers, chemical additions and variable types of concretes which are suitable in different application fields, are carried out at the concrete laboratory of NORM Cement plant in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standards (AZS – Azerbaijan, EN-Europe, ASTM-USA and GOST-Russia). Here the composition of concrete mix is prepared by choosing optimal ratio of the fillers, actual volume, weight and amount of air are determined, and by measuring the initial liquidity, changes in its capacity of maintaining this liquidity are followed for a certain period of time.

Special tests such as sulfuric resistance of cement and alkali-silica reaction of concrete fillers are also carried out here. Besides, brand determination test of concrete is made by Schmidt hammer (Proceq-Switzerland) on concrete structures in the construction area

 The equipment produced by the world’s prominent companies (such as Elba-Werk (Germany), Micromeritics (USA), Memmert (Germany), Form-Test (Germany), Controls Group (Italy), TomTom-Tools (Germany), Testing (Germany) and Plymoth (Sweden) are used at the laboratory.

Thus, the opportunities created in thanks to the high professionalism and the application of the latest technologies pave the way for obtaining the quality meeting the needs and requirements of clients within the framework of standards.









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