Transportation and logistics


Norm Sement is the largest cement plant in Azerbaijan and the Sothern Caucasus region. The production capacity of the plant is 2 million tons of cement a year. The modern logistics system is applied in our company for planning and execution of effective and safe cement transportation. The Norm cement is delivered to consumers in bags and bulk. Packaged cement is transported by trucks and bulk cement by special cement trailers.

Cement transportation is carried out by MAN, DAF and MERCEDS BENZ transporting vehicles manufactured in Germany. These trucks meet the EURO-4 environmental standards. Trailers used in transportation are manufactured by Krone, Feldbinder and Kaessbohrer, Kogel, Schearzmuller, Schmitz companies of Germany.

So, weight of cement is controlled by smart apparatus installed in the bulk cement transporting vehicles. In addition, bulk cement transporting vehicles are supplied with “Solemar” system which eliminates dependence on power source during cement unloading. The use of transparent pipe during cement unloading improves operation’s efficiency.

It is possible to trace cement transporting vehicles by installed GPS system.

The company’s main objective in logistics activity is customer satisfaction. Our company constantly improves its operation in this field for execution of orders at high level.

If you have any questions about logistics and transportations, please contact Logistics officer Shahin Gasimov (077 2771574).





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